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Why endure another hot and humid summer, when you could enjoy the comfort and cool air from your central air-conditioning system in your home! All-Pro Services Inc. offers home owners the best air-conditioning service, along with outstanding air-conditioning maintenance plans to help keep you and your home cool this summer. Our technicians are properly licensed, bonded, insured, NATE certified and you can also expect to receive only the most professional service as well. If you’re in need of air-conditioning service for your home in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia, then call the pros at All-Pro Services Inc. at: 866-941-4328 (HEAT)

Custom Care Services

Every home is a little different and we aim to fulfill the needs of all of our Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia customers. We have shown in the past 40 years that we have do have the resources and experience to deliver!

Air-Conditioning Maintenance

Performing regular maintenance is the best way to keep your central air-conditioning system running smoothly.

  • System Maintenance Tune-Ups: Regardless of your air-conditioning system, regular tune-ups are very important! Our specialists cover everything from inspecting the thermostat, inspecting the filters and checking the refrigerant charge along with inspecting the operation of your air-conditioning system.
  • Maintenance Agreements: We designed maintenance agreements that ensure you understand the services being performed on your central air-conditioning system. Select an agreement for optimal performance.
  • Duct Cleaning & Sealing: Having your duct system cleaned ensures that air is travels thru a clean area and properly reaching every area of your home where the ductwork is located. If you think that you are experiencing ductwork that leaks, you could be wasting money, energy and cooling that escapes from your leaking ducts. The older the ductwork is in a home, the higher percentage of air leakage. You may want to have your ductwork sealed from the inside as well when having the ductwork cleaned.

New Electric Air-Conditioning System Installation

You spend most of our time indoors, so making our environment around you more enjoyable has a significant impact on our day-to-day life. We are sure that you would like to enjoy a comfortable home that is easy to maintain?

  • Digital Programmable Thermostats: Outdated non-digital thermostats can become less reliable over time, making it more difficult to regulate temperature. Upgrade to a digital, programmable thermostat with features including accurate readings, timer settings, Wi-Fi access or even temperature alerts!
  • Air Purification Systems: Our systems are designed to remove indoor contaminants including dust, dirt, pollen and allergens. Even mold, mildew and bacteria are even filtered out to purify the air you breathe!
  • Zoned Air-Conditioning Systems: Optimize the energy use in your home with a zoned cooling system. Allowing you to isolate and control temperature in multiple areas of the home, these efficient systems can help lower energy costs.
  • Custom Duct Work & Sheet Metal: Our specialists are trained on performing custom ductwork and sheet metal. With expertise on these systems, we deliver premium service
  • Home Performance Energy Audits: Have you wondered why your utilities bills are so high? Have you ever had a home performance energy audit done on your home? Every home should have this audit done! These tests are designed to show you the areas in your home that are wasting energy and money. Take control of your homes energy costs today and call Elysian Energy Solutions at: 240-338-7550 to have home performance audit done on your home.

What Our Customers Say…

“It has been a long time since I’ve had an experience with a contractor that was as good as All-Pro. They came to my house the same day I contacted them for a bid. Their pricing was extremely competitive and their products were the highest quality. When we selected them, the installation was fast and the technicians were professional. If I had a friend that needed some HVAC work, I would give them All-Pro’s number in a heartbeat.”
Dustin N. in Annapolis, MD

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Customers that live in Washington D.C can receive up to a $1275.00 rebate from the Washington D.C. Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) program when the system is installed by All-Pro Services Inc.

Customers that live in Maryland can receive up to a $1500.00 rebate from the electric utility company program and gas utility company program when the system is installed by All-Pro Services Inc.

Customers that live in Virginia can receive up to a $480.00 rebate from the electric utility company program and gas utility company program when the system is installed by All-Pro Services Inc.